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Conceptually catering to the conceivable needs of luxury living through apartments, residences. Moreover, to make sure you experience a lifestyle of excellence and comfort. Now, acquiring your dream estate can feel a little manageable here.

Residential Apartments

Amplifying to the infrastructural essence of Siliguri, Panchnai Group has ingeniously shown the truest example of exquisite craftsmanship by forming a succession of residential spaces at important landmarks of Siliguri.

Commercial Developments

Panchnai Group has been victorious in generating economical benefits in respect to commercial properties all around the town. The skillfully developed commercial properties have always been adding to the favourable outcomes for the businessmen here.


Panchnai Group through its decades of experience in the field of "Real Estate" has extended its goodwill to become a good investment option for the clients. Our past high-net-worth clients have benefited with stable cash flow and long-term capital worth.

Most Influential Exhibitor Award

Best Luxury Real Estate Company in Siliguri


Effective Projects
Defying the odds, Panchnai Group has victoriously delivered some of the effective projects in town. Punctuated with thoughtful comfort and amenities our residential and commercial projects are strikingly contemporary. Residing and thriving in one of these properties would allow you to open doors of happy domestic and business life.
Green Building Construction
Panchnai Group has always prioritized “sustainability”, as its topmost feature. We have balanced the past, present, and future to create an environmentally-friendly construction sphere. This concept of forming structure and processes are resource-efficient resulting in sustainable development.
Future Endeavours
Sky's the limit for Panchnai Group. We believe in spreading our horizons in a way that is beneficial to society and the country. Panchnai Group has incessantly worked on projects that have become imperial icons. Also, our on-the-verge plans include a progressive change in the field of infrastructure.
Winning Trust
We have come a long way with our sheer diligence and adroitness that helped us in manifesting the most “Influential Exhibitor award” as a reality. Achieving all our goals along the way we became an eminent entity and the best luxury Real Estate company in Siliguri.
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